Watch us restore and rebuild parts and assemblies

(Caution: Each video has a sound track - be sure volume is not at full.)
1DCM Rotor Grinder Rotor Resurfacing
(Approx run time: 2 min.)

Watch how a brake rotor is resurfaced to factory-new using the DCM-7100 Rotor Grinder.
2DCM Flywheel Grinder Flywheel Resurfacing
(Approx run time: 2 min.)

See a brake flywheel resurfaced to mirror-like perfection with the DCM-7100 Rotor Grinder.
3U-Bolt Bender Video U-Bolt Creation
(Approx run time: 1 min.)

New U-Bolts are a cinch for
Unico Spring - watch us create a new U-Bolt in under 1 minute.
4Axiline Video Drive Shaft Repair
(Approx run time: 2 min. 35 sec.)

Watch us restore a drive-shaft using various techniques and the Axiline Shaftmaster.
5Leaf Spring Rebuild Video Complete Leaf Spring Assembly Rebuild
(Approx run time: 6 min. 15 sec.)

Leaf Springs can be re-arced, rebuilt and reinforced - watch how it's done.

If there's a video you'd like to see let us know!