Founder Rocco SangiamoJim UnicoLynda Unico Unico Spring Corporation, founded by Rocco Sangiamo, is a privately owned, non-traded corporation operating in the borough of Queens New York City since 1973 serving the trucking industry for almost 50 years.  The present facility allows Unico Spring Corporation to provide the kinds of services not ordinarily available off-the-street: Management has continued to invest back into the business by hiring qualified employees and to utilize the best service methods and test & diagnoses equipment available. Owners Linda and Jim say"...We feel that only by reinvesting back into the business can we provide the best possible service to our customers."

Linda and Jim are not just management but have hands-on knowledge and experience that gets the job done. They're not just at a desk making things work behind the scenes, they're interacting with customers and staff and help provide the quality service Unico Spring delivers.

Linda and Jim go on to say  "...A large part of our operations is repair, especially parts replacement and sales. We know that quality repair begins with quality parts and service. We believe that only the highest quality parts, available from the best American manufacturers ensures that our customers receive top value. We also utilize the best diagnostic shop equipment and machinery from the top U.S. manufacturers in the business - and we're proud to have a staff of conscientious, skilled, and talented employees working with us serving our customers day-in and day-out."

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